Another benchmark and proof that sticking with the plan works.  -60.8 pounds!

Four weeks ago I experienced one of my largest weight gains in a single week. In the following four weeks I have lost 8.0 pounds.

I have mentioned before there are so many other positive measurements besides the weight loss…

1.       When I started I could barely walk 1 kilometer. Now I have completed three 10 kilometer walks and numerous 5 kilometer walks.  5K is becoming the minimum distance not some far reaching goal.

2.       There is more room in my closet because I keep giving away clothes that are too big. I wore a shirt last week that I bought five years ago. It was too small then, but like so many of you may have experienced when I bought it…”Well I am going to lose weight so it will fit soon.” I just didn’t think it would take five years. And now  I have to buy new jeans again!

3.       I have more energy and everyday activities that used to wear me out are now a breeze. I couldn’t go shopping at the grocery store without sitting down at least once to rest. Not now, I breeze around the store and out like nothing.

4.       Parking…I don’t drive around now looking for the closest place to park. Now I park as far away from other cars as possible and walk. Well part of that has to do with the new red convertible I recently bought. I don’t want it to get door dings….but still, I walk.

5.       AND speaking of new convertibles…it is small. I have been driving large SUV’s for the last 13 years. I would have never been able to get in and out of this thing if I was 60 pounds heavier.

There are no miracle drugs or quick fixes to losing weight and getting healthier. It is adjusting all aspects of your life in
moderation and sticking with the plan…It Works if You Work It!

The bouncing scale has gone down one more time…minus 3.6 this week.

Obviously I keep reminding myself that it is the overall trend that is important. I am so close to minus 60 pounds and only 1.8 pounds away from losing 15% of my weight.

I had a pretty good week overall, even though I haven’t felt well. It has been nothing but sinus allergies and a cough. I spent two nights out of town on business so that is always a distraction or challenge regarding eating. I find myself making better choices. I don’t always make the best choice but I keep making better choices regarding portions and what I chose to eat. And I call that progress.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and did the week’s shopping. Six months ago I would not have been able to walk around the store without stopping twice to rest. Yesterday I breezed through the place non-stop without any problem.

I am going to clean out some more clothes from my closet tonight. It is time to get rid of some more clothes that are too big.

Five weeks from today is the Capital 10 K. I am ready and I will be lighter and faster on March 25th.

So I am behind on the Blog again. I have to tell you I have been really busy. So let me try to catch up two weeks in one blog.

Two weeks ago I had my largest single weight gain in one week…+4.8 pounds. So what must go up must come down? Well not every time but it did this time. The next week I lost 4.6 pounds. That loss was very similar to my previous big gains followed by big losses.

And then a week ago I gained +1.6. So it continues. I weigh again later today and the scale will tell the story. Whatever the story might be, I will just keep moving forward and making better choices.

I am having some trouble explaining how I am feeling about all this. I don’t seem to be as excited about the process. I am feeling like what I am doing is not taking as much effort. Eating healthier and exercising is becoming part of my normal life. Healthy eating choices are becoming easier to make. Events that seem to center around food are still challenging…Super Bowl Sunday for one. But there are days when I track everything and it all seems so matter of fact.

So we will see which way the scale bounces next. I can’t help but notice that I am getting close to Minus 60 pounds and that sounds like a much better number then Minus 50.