I just keep taking it one day at a time. After last week’s gain this week follows with a -1.6 lb loss.

Again the important thing is to just keeping doing every day what needs to be done. One day at a time.

The blog started by recording my weight on May 31st at 390.2 lbs. The last four weeks resulted in an 8.0 lb loss or an average of -2.0 lbs per week. You may notice the total loss is -28.2 lbs. That is the amount since I first went back to WW last year. But I wasn’t being consistent and I wasn’t exercising. I realized that I wasn’t using all the tools available to me to make a real change in my health.

For food the key for me is to write it all down and keep good records. Remember again, Weight Watchers is the method I have chosen to eat healthier. WW allows me to eat whatever I want as long as I write it down and stay inside my allotted points. Too complicated, well use the link on my web page and check out Weight Watchers.

Last week I went over my daily allotment one time. Michele and I had a fantastic dinner with friends visiting from out of town. That night caused me to use more points than my daily allotment. However, I had looked at the restaurant’s menu in advance online. That helped me make better choices as to what I ate and for sure better choices regarding volume. I even had a couple of glasses of wine. I couldn’t eat that way every day and still lose weight. But one meal in two weeks gave me some freedom and I did not feel like I was imposing my “Diet” on our friends.

Remember, this is for the rest of my life, one day at a time.

NOTE: I still intend to highlight some wonderful recipes and photos of healthy meals we have experienced. Proof you can enjoy a wonderful meal and eat healthy. I will try to have some of them up later this week.

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It is Saturday and that means I go a little further.

This week has had some real ups and downs. Since I started this on May 31st I have been moving some part of me every day, until this last Tuesday. I followed up last Saturday with 30 minutes on stationary bike on Sunday and then another one mile walk on Monday. I felt so good I agreed to fill in and play golf Monday afternoon-102 degrees. (No I did not walk the course I rode in a cart.) By the end of the day I was drained. Tuesday was not better; I could hardly get out of bed. That was the first day I failed to walk. Wednesday-Friday I did combination of walks and rides and slowly got to feeling better

Woke up this morning and for first time in almost four weeks, I wanted to go for a walk and I wanted to go a little further. I have been experiencing some hip and knee pain in the early part of my walks. So this morning I rode the bike for 5 minutes before going out on the street. The combination of steady improvement over four weeks and the 5 minute bike ride made the day.

The numbers tell the story…1.4 miles and the pace was the fastest I have walked. I can’t tell you how good I felt when I got home.

I know I have a long way to go, but I feel like I am really making progress. I have to tell you it is a bit un-nerving for me to wake up and want to go for a walk. No one was home; I could have just as easily crawled back into bed and slept through cartoons. But I wanted to get out on the street.


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Remember a couple of blogs back…

“Some weeks you may have a surprisingly big loss. “Wow! This is great.” You feel fantastic. Next week you may not lose anything or may even gain a small amount. Just keep being honest with yourself about what and how much you are eating and keep good records, because over time you will lose weight.”

It turns out this is one of those weeks when I gained a little + 1.2 lbs. Disappointed?-Yes. Discouraged?-No. I have been tracking everything I eat, exercising daily and I have stayed on plan with my points. This last week I have not used any weekly extra points or any of the extra activity points I have recorded.

What this means, I just have to stay with the plan. Even with the one week gain my average per week loss is 2.1 pounds per week for the last three weeks. Now another week without a loss and I might have to re-examine how I measure and record my food, because it is important to be honest with yourself.

I have been through this before. Losing weight is not the problem for me. The problem has been establishing a life style that would insure me staying healthy. That is why I am taking the approach that there is no finish line for me in regards to this issue.

This is a journey for the rest of my life.

This last week has been pretty good. I am trying to make Saturday my “go a little further” day. Last Saturday I walked over a mile for the first time. Yesterday I wanted to go a bit further.

My optimism was met with the reality that I really don’t enjoy exercising. Again the first quarter mile seemed like I wasn’t any better off physically then three weeks ago. I felt like I wanted to turn and go back to the house. When I got to the road at the end of my block I didn’t turn around, instead I started walking in a different direction, taking myself on a route I had never walked before. Every step took me further away. It didn’t take long before I had reached a half mile and I knew even as bad as I felt I didn’t have a choice. If I wanted to go home I was going to either have to walk or sit down on the sidewalk and call for someone to come get me.

No way I was going to make that call so I just walked on…When I reached the front porch of my house I sat down and turned off the Nike + app on my

iPhone 4.

Gadgets are very objective. They don’t seem to whine, feel pain or feel disappointment. They just spit out data. So above is the data. I walked for a greater distance, for a longer amount of time and at a faster pace than ever before. How is that possible? I was miserable the whole time I was walking. I guess I walked faster just to get back the house sooner.

Whatever? I’ll take it.

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If you are going to start moving I suggest you start first by getting the right shoes.

You may be able to go to a variety of shoe retailers or big box stores to buy your shoes. But when you weigh just less than 400 lbs and wear a size 16 shoe it is really important to get the best shoe possible and to know that your shoe fits your foot. Not all shoes have the same structure and each brand has a different fit and support. I would say if you are trying to lose weight you need structure and support.

Fortunately for me, RunTex right here in Austin has been specializing in foot wear for runners and walkers for years. So I called up my friend Paul Carrozza and without skipping a beat he says, “You need the Beast!” So down to RunTex Riverside Store I go where Paul put me in correct shoe for my weight and foot.

Love these shoes…for over two weeks now I have been getting up every morning and hitting the street in my neighborhood. My feet feel great and I am moving a little bit more every day.

You have to take care of your feet.

I wasn’t able to make my normal Tuesday meeting.  I was out of town on business. However, one of the many great things about Weightwatchers is the variety of times and locations where meetings are available. So today I went to my usual meeting location, just Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

This last week has been great. I tracked everything I ate every day. For the first time I added in my Activity Points. Whatever form of physical activity you may choose there is a list on the app/online software that allows you to track the time and type and give you a point value. I am not sure yet if those are supposed to be additional points you can eat. But I tracked them anyway.

Also good to note that whatever you gender or weight WW gives you a weekly point value that you may use if you exceed your daily points. None of your daily or weekly points rollover to the next day or week. If you go over today in points but under tomorrow…the result is you still use some of your weekly points for the day you went over. Points Do Not Roll Over!

In summary: Tracked everything I ate…Tracked All My Activity…Did Not Use Any Weekly Points. And I had a reasonable weight loss for the week. -2.6 lbs.





Yesterday I felt a bit run down. Instead of walking I rode the recumbent bike for 20 minutes. It was great. Everything was smooth and stress free. Really felt like I loosened up my whole body.

Today I told myself it was time to see if I could go a mile. I have a tendency to compare this experience with others. As I mentioned before when I started training for the 1 Ton of Fun 5 mile event, I couldn’t even walk a quarter of a mile without stopping to rest. And it took me almost 3 weeks before I could walk a mile. Today showed me that I am moving better than before and that I am making progress.

The other side of me…the catastophicitis side of me took over and I decided to walk near the hospital. So my start and finish today were just outside the emergency room entrance. What the hell, couldn’t hurt.

I drove around the hospital parking area to get a feel for a 1 mile circuit. Plenty of landscaped sidewalks and told myself this was going to work.

And it did. There were just enough ups and downs to make it challenging. When I made it back to the start I hadn’t quite made a mile so I repeated a portion of the route and it ended up actually being a bit more than a mile. I have to tell you, the last 1/10th of mile my legs were feeling a bit rubbery.

Now I know that I can settle back down and just build some endurance and focus on the 1 mile mark every day for the next few weeks. I think I am a bit ahead of schedule but don’t want to overdo it at the start. Paul tells everyone to pace themselves and avoid injury.

If it hurts you won’t want to do it…

That is what happened today. I have been following Paul’s schedule for getting myself moving. I have to tell you there have been some plus and minus moments. First couple of days I had trouble getting the 20 minutes in…yesterday, I did it. But today I decided to push just a bit further and the results are above. (Thanks to another “app for that”)

Today I walked a greater distance and for a longer time. I was coming up to our house and said, “Nope, I can go a little bit more.” And I did.  Considering 4 years ago when I started training for the 1 Ton of Fun event, I couldn’t even walk a quarter of a mile, I am really happy to be closing in on a mile.

The Nike + GPS app for my iPhone 4 is just great. It lets me add a play list, gives me encouraging messages and at the end gives you an at-a-boy if you walked further, faster or for more time. It keeps your history and maps your walks.

NOTE: You can see Paul’s starter notes on the exercise page.




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Accountability and Awareness are the two benefits I receive from Weight Watchers. If I track and record everything I eat and go to the weekly meetings, I lose weight. I don’t keep up with my records and start missing meetings…I gain weight.

Most people write everything down and keep their records by hand. I am a gadget nut…iPhone 4, iPad2, Kindle and a Dell mini-laptop. So when I realized there was an app for that (tracking), I jumped on it. I love it! There is also eTools online to help with tracking, recipes, activity suggestions and more stuff then I can write about for now. The point is the WeightWatchers program works for me because it gives me a realistic approach to fueling my body.

Weighing every week is so important for me. I want everyone to know that the scale is just a tool. Try not to get on it every day. Find a meeting time that fits your schedule and attend the same meeting and weigh-in the same time of day every week. This is the best way to get accurate readings.

Some weeks you may have a surprisingly big loss. “Wow! This is great.” You feel fantastic. Next week you may not lose anything or may even gain a small amount. Just keep being honest with yourself about what and how much you are eating and keep good records, because over time you will lose weight. Notice that the total weight loss is 25.2 Lbs. Reality is I lost almost 40 but then gained back 14 lbs. What happen? I didn’t keep records and skipped two months of meetings.

So when I look at this week’s loss I am pleased. How did it happen? Kept good records, ate lots of FRESH fruits and vegetables and walked three times.

Imagine that! I did those simple things and lost 5 lbs. Am I happy? Sure, but this is a journey. I just have to take care of today…1 day at a time.  

I woke up this morning, swung my legs around/off the bed and right there on the floor was my walking clothes. Previous experience and some positive feedback from others, tells me I have to exercise first thing in the morning and I must have my clothes and shoes right by my bed. When your feet hit the floor and the first thing they hit is your (in my case BIG) shoes, it is hard to overlook your goal. Man I did not want to get out and walk this morning. But once I got dressed and lace up the shoes…I still did not want to go out and walk.

Feeling inspired yet?

Really I do feel completely different once I have the shoes on. Walking through the house I begin to think there is a purpose to all this.

So out the door I go…not a big deal only walked for 13 minutes 6/10th of a mile. I was surprised that it wasn’t that bad. This evening I am supposed to do 20 easy minutes on the stationary bike.

I don’t think of this as a START, because a START has a FINISH. This is more of a continuing journey for the rest of my life. And Exercise has always been the missing ingredient. I have participated in programs that have had an exercise component. Once the program or event was accomplished, I went right back to not exercising. Four and a half years ago I walked the 5 Mile Turkey Trot to help raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Austin. I had lost 40 lbs. and weighed 368 lbs. The moment I crossed the FINISH line I sat down. Mission accomplished. Then 3 years after the Turkey Trot I weighed 418.8 lbs an all-time life-time high.

There was a START and a FINISH and I did not have what it took to continue doing what I needed to do. No sir, I crossed that FINISH LINE, walked right over to a wall and sat down. And for all practical purposes did not get up and walk again until this morning.

You have heard all this before….this is a lifestyle change. None of us know when our lives will end or where the FINISH Line is located.

Today I choose to walk. Today I choose to track what I eat. Today I choose to get healthier.