Well I did go back and double check and only one other time did I have three consecutive weeks of weight loss… until this last Thursday.

Minus 1.6 pounds makes three weeks in a row of weight loss…for a total minus 8.4 pounds in the last three weeks.

This is the time of the year when everyone is trying to quit something or improve themselves in some way. New Year’s Resolutions! 

I have people notice that I am losing weight and immediately they ask “What’s your goal?” Answer…”To live this way for the rest of my life”.  “Yes but you must have a target weight.”

No not really. Once I though if I could weigh the same as I did in high school that would be reasonable. But for now I am just going to keep living this way the rest of my life. I think my body will eventually just settle to a point where I just continue to maintain. Not sure what the number is right now and I don’t really care. I am enjoying the success and the freedom being 57 pounds lighter.

In particular, for the first time in my life enjoying getting out and exercising. 



01/23/2012 12:23

Im very proud of you. We really enjoyed our walk yesterday


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